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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Dating Site Reviews - Our contributing editor Sophia provides you with reviews on dating and personals sites.
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Doc LAMOUR: Attracting the Opposite Sex

Doc Lamour,

I love your newsletter! Great help!

My name is Karen, I'm 26. I live in Sydney, Australia. I've been living with 2 different guys by now... but for no more than one year, each time. I don't know, it seems that it never works. I wonder if it's my personality, or maybe because my breasts are too small. Both guys dumped me for girls who have bigger breasts. What make guys attracted to girls?

Looks or personality? Please, tell me what you think. I would love so much to share my life with a man who would love me. I have the feeling that guys don't even look at me. What should I do? What do I have to do to get men's attention? What do guys look for in a girl?


Karen - with small breasts
from Sydney - Australia


Hi Karen,

I will be sincere with you, and I will go straight to the point. My answer from Paris is:
Guys are looking for attractive, pretty and sexy girls.

In less than one second, women can arouse sexual interest in men. Or not.

Men are instantly attracted to girls with who they would like to have a physical relationship. Guys, in Australia and all over the world, like to be with the hottest babe in town. On the long term, they will always enjoy spending time with a girl who looks GOOD. Why? Because it makes them feel good. Your solution is to become more attractive, prettier and more sexy.

I won't deny that some Guys love big breasts. Most men can't resist looking at a girl with big boobs. It is a natural attraction, but truly, this is not their priority when it comes to a serious relationship. Nonetheless, I would say that a girl with big boobs might feel naturally more like a woman, because men KEEP looking at her. And then, maybe she develops an acute sense to choose flattering clothes which make her look more feminine. In that way, she would have a tremendous advantage. On the other hand, it might become unpleasant not to be able to walk freely outside without guys staring at your breast. So, in one way, you're quite lucky.

I have to say that if you dress well, and emphasize your natural feminine shape or just stop hiding them, guys will look at you the same way. The trick is to feel great in your body. Feel inside that you can be sexy, that you are a WOMAN. And that there is no shame in being attractive. It's not being vulgar, it's just being PRETTY, and HAPPY with it.

Personality does count as well, in the first approach and on the long term. I met a few guys from Australia in Paris. Their main reproach about Australian girls was that they were not like French girls. I wondered what they meant and I dug in for more information. Australian guys said that French girls were more feminine. Apparently, they would take more care of themselves. In one word, I would say these Oz Guys were unhappy because they didn't feel like men with Australian women. There is a difference between Men and Women, and apparently in Australia the difference can be very little.

Karen, I suggest that you make that difference bigger, and become irresistible. How? First, work on your personality, try to be more feminine inside and proud of it, and let guys feel like guys. Of course, they can do the dishes... but they have to feel like GUYS.

Second, physical looks, don't show but suggest your body with flattering clothes, design and colors. Guys will focus on what you reveal: breast, shoulders, belly, butt, legs... Exercise your body, and use feminine weapons such as your voice, hair style, perfume, make-up, gloss, lipstick, nail varnish and jewels. And you will find someone special, because most men will look at you with DESIRE in their eyes.

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, I put everything in the success seduction guide "The French Secrets".

Take care, my friend.

Your French Coach,


Doc Lamour,

Life is not easy. I came from Nebraska to New York a few months ago. And lots of things have changed. I don't know, it seems to me that it's extremely difficult to talk to girls around here. I hope you can help me. What make girls attracted to guys? Do I need to look like a millionaire or what? I hope you will answer my mail.

Thanks for your great website!

All the best. Your fan from New York!


Hi Andy,

I will be sincere with you, and I will go straight to the point. My answer from Paris is:
Girls are looking for handsome, confident and sexy guys. But girls from big towns, such as Paris or New York, are slightly different, mon ami. No doubt these girls are more difficult to seduce if you come with a small town approach.

Of course, I could say something different in order to be nice. But I am not nice, and you know that my job is to gather facts and present them, unvarnished, to my readers. In less than one second, when walking in a store or in a pub, Men can arouse sexual interest in Women. Or NOT. I am sure that many girls are looking at you, mon ami, because you have what they need. But... you have to work on your style and the way you approach women at the very beginning. Get more subtle and confident. Have a look at a few romantic comedies to understand better feminine values and what girls are looking for in a guy.

When a girl is looking at you, do you appear in her top 5 sexy guys, or does your competition? If you're listed but not within the first two or five in her instant results, YOU LOSE. No matter how many efforts you can do further on.

In general, Girls like Men who do sports, are active, are not too possessive and who make them laugh! AFCH: Active, Fit, Confident, Humor. It's not that difficult, but most guys blew it from the very beginning because they are acting like braggarts. Why? Because they are not confident. If you're really good, you don't have to shout it on the roof. I suggest that you talk less and listen more. As long as a girl hasn't touched you twice, don't do anything because in the end, Man decides, the Woman makes him decide. You need to perceive Sexy signals before moving in. Make sure the girls feel they are important 200%, and let them think they are getting their own way. Got it?

And for heaven's sake: stop acting. Be yourself, mon ami. Because girls are looking for the real Andy!

If you want to know how to make anyone crazy about you, look at the success guide "The French Secrets".

Bonne chance!

Your French Coach,

© Copyright 2002-Lovetips-paris.com
Find more articles at: http://www.lovetips-paris.com
About the author: Doc LAMOUR is a famous international dating expert who resides in Paris, the city of love.

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